Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kydex Revolver Speedloader Pouches

A couple of months ago I made some Kydex mag pouches for my Dad's 9mm pistol.  When he got the pouches he took them to his next action pistol match and he loved them.  Since those worked so well for him he asked my to make some pouches for his revolver speed loaders.  So he sent me his speed loader and I got to work.

I wanted to let you know the step by step of what I did to make these kydex pouches.  The first place that I needed to start was coming up with the best way to make the pouches.  I came up with a couple of different ideas and tried them out.  Eventually I came up with what I think is the best way to go about it and started making templates to fill my Dad's order.

I took my template and traced it out on a piece of kydex and tried to minimize the waste. Once I had my pieces marked out on the kydex it was time to cut them out.  Dad wanted 8 of these pouches so I took a little bit to cut them all out.

The next step was to use the dremmel to shape the pieces so that the were all fairly close to the same size.  Using the dremmel I shaped the corners and areas where the folders were to occur.

Next I used a piece of wood to help me shape the bottom fold.

Now that the bottom was shaped it was time to wrap the arm around to hold the speed loader.  I used a pieces of 1" PVC that I had laying around the garage.  This was the perfect size because it is just a little smaller than the diameter of the speed loader, which gave me the tension that I needed to keep it secure.  It was also a round shape, which made molding the shape easy.

Now all that was left to do was to make the fold the material to make the belt loop.  Again I found a piece of wood lying around that was the same size as my Dad's speedbelt.

The last step was to take the dremmel out and trim the bottom pieces so that it fits the rounded shape of the pouch while the speed loader is in it.

So now I just had to repeat the process to make all 8 pouches.

Here is a video clip all the pouches on my speed belt and how the speed loaders go in and out of the pouches.